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Edward Neish


Sarah Neish at Jardinique
Sarah Neish

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Jardinique is presently operating variable opening times with details for each current week set out below when you can be assured of finding us here.

Sunday 15th Sept Closed all Day
Monday 16th Sept By Appointment
Tuesday 17th Sept 1pm to 5pm
Wednesday 18th Sept 10am to 1pm
Thursday 19th Sept 1pm to 5pm
Friday 20th Sept 10am to 5pm
Saturday 21st Sept 10am to 5pm
Sunday 23rd Sept Closed all Day
Monday 24th Sept By Appointment

On the days indicated "By Appointment" or outside the hours shown we are happy to see you if we can but please contact us first either by phone 01420 560055 or email: enquiries@jardinique.co.uk


Get In Touch

If you would like more information please contact  Edward Neish or Sarah Neish.

Edward Neish mobile 07732 556171

Click here to email enquiries@jardinique.co.uk

Old Park Farm, Abbey Road, Beech, Alton, Hampshire,  GU34 4AP, United Kingdom
Tel: 01420 560055


All prices on items illustrated exclude delivery however this can be arranged by haulier within the United Kingdom or shipped abroad.

For delivery costs for specific items and destinations please contact us.

Stock Purchase

We are always keen to purchase stock, so should you have any items you think may be of interest please email pictures together with details such as dimensions and an indication of where collection is required. We will give you a prompt response as to whether we would be interested to acquire your item or items.

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Old Park Farm, Abbey Road, Beech, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 4AP, United Kingdom
UK Tel: 01420 560055 email:enquiries@jardinique.co.uk

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