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General Data Protection Policy


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General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679
This document is an overview of the changes introduced by the new regulations which supersedes the previous Data Protection Act.


What Data information does Jardinique store?
Jardinique maintains records of the Names, Postal addresses and Email addresses of customers only, no sensitive information in the form of financial, medical or biometric information is stored. The data held is routinely checked and updated.


How was the information obtained?
Customers data has been collected either by the preparation invoices containing the Name, Postal Address (required under the requirements of the Antiques and Secondhand Goods VAT Scheme) and Email Address (this is optional which is expressly indicated to the customer at the time of preparing the invoice) or by the completion of an information request form during an event held on the Jardinique premises.


How we store the information.
As a mailing list on a password protected Computer that does not use public Wi-Fi.


Who has access to the stored information ?
Only Edward D. Neish and Sarah M. Neish as sole data controllers on behalf of Jardinique.


For what purpose is the stored information kept.
The names, postal and email addresses will only be used for the purpose of infrequent mailings to keep its customers advised of relevant news and of specific events being held at Jardinique. 


Who is the stored data shared with
We will never sell or otherwise share data with third parties (unless legally obliged to do so) or use it for anything other than keeping customers up-to-date with Jardinique news and events.


Data review
All personal data to be reviewed regularly, at least every two years, to ensure it's up to date.    Personal data will  be deleted when no longer required or requested to do so. When updating the mailing list previous data is deleted first. No previous or old version of personal data information is kept.


Any requests (by email, telephone or post) to un-subscribe from the mailing list will be actioned as priority with all personal data being removed.  The simplest way to be removed from the mailing list held by Jardinique is to email enquiries@jardinique.co.uk whilst including in the Message Subject the word "Unsubscribe"


Data security
We understand the seriousness of personal data breaches  and take all reasonable steps  to protect this data with computers being password protected and don't use public Wi-Fi. When disposing of old PCs hard drives are to be wiped or destroyed. When emailing blind copying (b.c.c) of recipients is always to be adopted.

If anyone other than the listed Jardinique Data Controllers is in the future empowered to have access to Jardinique's data they are to be made aware of their responsibilities regarding security of the data.


Updated 24th May 2018 (by Edward D. Neish)



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