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cast iron fountain 20th Century cast iron green painted two tier fountain

55" (140cm) High

Price  £550.00

Blashfield fountain figure of a Triton  ** Rare 19th Century Blashfield stoneware fountain figure of the mythical Greek god Triton. Triton was the son on Poseidon and messenger of the sea.

For details of Blashfield click here

35½" (90cms) High

Price    £4500.00

cast iron pump

19th Century cast iron black painted pump head on stone base

30" (76cms) Height of pump

Price    £280.00

cast iron pump 19th Century cast iron pump suitable for use as a fountain spout

23" (58cms) Height of pump

Price    £120.00


bronze fountain figure of a boy and dolphin  ** Modern bronze fountain figure of a boy holding a stylised dolphin

24½" (62cms) High

Price   £480.00

Grindstone fountain Fountain / water feature comprising  three 19th Century graduated grindstones surmounted by a carved limestone ball

19" (48cms) High
Bottom Grindstone 23½" (60cms) Diameter

Price   £680.00


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